Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Still Here, Still Waiting

I haven't updated much, because there hasn't been much to update. We are in one of our last stages of waiting before being matched. We've been fingerprinted, approved to adopt from China by U.S. Immigration, and had all of our paperwork authenticated, and now it's all on it's way to China! What we are waiting on now is called LID, or a log in date. Our case worker said we could have one in as little as 2 weeks (Eek!!), but I've also heard from families that it took 5 weeks to get one. And of course, we are still in the middle of Chinese New Year celebrations, so I'm prepared for a longer wait. This step is huge because after we have an LID, we are able to be matched with a child from the shared list!

So, for those not in the adoption world, there are 2 ways we can be matched with a child. The first way is to be matched with a child from the shared list, which is released about once a month to all agencies. After we are LID, our caseworker will look on the shared list for our child. We could be matched the first month or it could take several months. The other way to be matched is with a child from an orphanage our agency has partnered with. Currently, our agency only has one orphanage partnership, but it's still a possibility that our baby is there!

So, basically, we're back to waiting. Waiting for a log in date, and then waiting for a match. We are so ready. I mean, as ready as we can be, I guess. But ready. Ready for a face. For some details. Ready to fall in love again. I can't wait to see who this very special little one is. But for now, we wait.