Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Precious Words

Today, I am recording some excerpts from four e-mails from four different people that I have received about precious Xavier over the past 2 weeks. They have all been music to my heart and balm for my soul as I ache to hold him myself.

"I heard you are waiting to bring home one of my buddies! …. We're excited to pray over him again for you!"

"I noticed him right away because he reminded me of my two year old son. He is so cute he melted my heart. I went over and picked him up and held him. I rocked him in my arms and sang Jesus Loves Me. He fell asleep and slept in my lap for about 30 minutes. He loves to cuddle and be loved on. He is a beautiful little boy…"

"Ahhhhh!! Yes of course I recognize him. Wow God is amazing. I was elated when I found out he was matched….I can tell you clearly what I remember thinking about him, He's perfect…”

"That is definitely where my hubby is going....and GUESS WHAT???? He is assigned to that age groups room!!! So he will be able to love on him for you! I have to say I LOVE how God works- He signed up for this trip the night before we met you two."

Isn't it wonderful that he is so loved?! He may be an "orphan" by definition, but he is so, so loved. So very much.

*I have removed a few words here and there that possibly contained a little too much identifying detail than what we're able to share at this point.


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